About Me

There is no such thing as a typical military widow, but if there was, I probably wouldn’t be it anyway.”
Hi! I’m Monica. I’m a writer, speaker, mother, and military widow. And I know absolutely nothing about goats, though my life really is a goat rodeo at times.

I’m an accidental writer. After my husband was killed in a military training accident in May 2014, I turned to writing as an outlet to help me process my grief. I’ve been writing and speaking ever since. I’ve discovered I have a lot to say.  Anyone who knows me will not find this surprising. I actually like to talk—a lot.

As a military widow, I know just how hard life can be. I-don’t-think-I-can-make-it-through-another-day-hard. But I did make it through that day, and the next one too.  And you know what? So can you.

That’s why I’m here. To show you it can be done. To give you strength when you don’t think you have any left. To give you courage when all hope seems lost.

Because we all need to know we’re not alone sometimes. Even me.

By sharing my story with you, it doesn’t just help you, it helps me too.
When we help others, we also help ourselves.

The truth is I don’t have all the answers (no one does, by the way). I’m still struggling to make sense of it all. And honestly, I’m not sure I ever will.

Don’t worry; I’ve made my fair share of mistakes over the last few years. I’ve fallen down many times and I’ve picked myself back up again too.

But I’ve also learned a few things too— about grief and resiliency, courage and strength, and sadness and happiness. And here is where I share what I’ve learned with you.

A Little Bit More About Me

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia’s picturesque Annapolis Valley, but now call Ottawa, Canada's national capital home. I'm a mother of three, bonous mom of two, and Nanny of one adorable baby girl. I’m a self-professed coffee addict, and I'm a gin connoisseur (which is a fancy way of saying I’m a gin snob). And yes, my dog is named after gin. Don’t judge, I get enough of that as a widow as it is. I love to walk, run, read, and write (obviously). And mostly I love people and their stories. We all have a story just waiting to be heard.

I hope you share yours with me, and I hope you follow me here to hear more of mine. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Your story gives me some hope. I am also a military widow (still so hard to say that). My husband died very suddenly whilst we were stationed at NORAD in Colorado with our two kids (11 and 14 yrs). It's coming up on two long years. The pain still has the better of me...

  2. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones.

  3. Hi there. I love your writing. I'm just curious though - how do you make a living with writing a blog? I'd love to do the same and really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks a lot.

  4. Oh my post got published as unknown. I'm Jessica and my email is jessicaofmarigold@gmail.com. thanks.

  5. Thank you Monica for doing this work. I am a family physician always looking for ways to help patients with grief. One of my recently (suddenly, tragically) widowed patients shared your blog with me. I will certainly pass it on to others as a tool for finding a way forward. Dr. Shauna

  6. Excellent communication skills and I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for the help.

  7. Glad to know you Monica. Looking back on the last 50 years of my conscious life, I know I could have made it more meaningful. I am trying to make the most of my life now. Your life is beautiful despite the challenges because you were determined to make it so. Be safe.


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