Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Goat Rodeo

When Dan was in Afghanistan I decided to write a blog to chronicle for him the things he was missing. Whenever he got a chance he would read the blog and catch up on everything we had been doing while he was gone. It also helped me deal with the stress of his deployment.

I've decided to start a new blog about starting over, and making a new life. Finding my new normal. Hopefully writing it will be therapeutic, and will help me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Because right now I have absolutely no idea.

You might be wondering about the title of my blog, A Goat Rodeo.  It was one of my favourite "Danisms".  In case you don't know what a Goat Rodeo is, the Urban Dictionary definition is a situation that is very difficult, despite energy and efforts, to instill any sense or order into it. Yep, that's my life in a nut shell. A goat freaking rodeo.

A lot has happened in the nine weeks since Dan died (still so surreal writing that). We've had his funeral and memorial service, and two burials (a double double). Connor has graduated from high school, and gone to his prom(s). I've sold a house and bought a house.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it all, which I try not to do too often. It overwhelms me, and that is no fun. There is still so much to do this summer. Connor goes off to RMC in two weeks, the packers come the week after. I'm not looking forward to either of those events. But I can't think about them today. I'll worry about them when the time comes. Today there are other things I need to focus on. I haven't quite managed that yet, but there are still a lot of hours left in the day. But first coffee.  I still have priorities.

"I've developed a new philosophy... I only dread one day at a time." ~Charlie Brown (Charles Schulz)


  1. I have never heard that term, "goat rodeo" but I like it.

  2. I love the Charlie Brown quote...very appropriate right now.


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