Tuesday, February 9, 2021

7 Ways to Support a Widow on Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air. And in the stores. And in every social media newsfeed.

It’s as if the whole world has vomited a sappy spew of pink and red.

And for many, all of the pink and red and hearts and flowers are nothing but salt in a wound.

For the widowed, this is especially true.

For those mourning the loss of their partner, Valentine's Day can feel particularly cruel because it emphasizes togetherness, love, and romance.

It is yet another painful reminder of their aloneness.

Particularly during these Covid times when so many are isolated from their family and support groups.

There are some ways you can make this Valentine’s Day a little brighter for the widow(s) in your life.

  1. Reach out. We all need to know we aren’t forgotten. A special Valentine’s  card is a tangible way to show her/him that you care and means so much to a widowed heart. If you don’t have time to mail or drop off a card, pick up the phone, or send a message or text. She/he will so appreciate that you were thinking of them.

  1. Give a thoughtful gift. A gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be meaningful. Chocolates, coffee, a small bouquet of flowers, a book or gift cards are all thoughtful ways to show a widow(er) you remember them.

  1. Give the gift presence. While Covid has limited our ability to gather together, you can still give a widow the gift of presence. Arrange a zoom or FaceTime coffee or lunch date. Inivite them for a socially distanced walk.

  1. Give the gift of time. Running a household completely by yourself is exhausting when you are widowed, especially if you are also working form home or home schooling do to Covid. Volunteer to help with practical chores like show shovelling or running errands such as picking up groceries or prescriptions. 

  1. Help with childcare or pet care.  Offer to spend some (socially distanced) time with the kids to give them some much needed free time. Or offer to pet sit or take the dog for a walk to give them a break. Even a few quiet minutes by yourself can make a big difference.

  1. Offer to listen. Every widow needs a safe place to vent and unload all their pent up emotions without fear of judgement. You don’t need to try to solve anything, you just need to listen.

  1. Remember grief doesn’t have an expiry date. Yes, it might have been years since our spouse died, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still miss them (every single day). No matter how much time has past, we are still going to have moments of intense grief. 

It’s difficult for the widowed to be bombarded with ads and reminders on Valentine’s Day. You can’t change the holiday, but you can do something to comfort the widows in your life on what for them could otherwise be a very difficult and sad day. 

You can't fix anything, but remember even the smallest, simplest of gestures can touch a widow's heart on Valentine’s Day.

And it's often these small acts of kindness that mean the most.

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